Thermal Mud Treatment

The treatment is done with a mixture of a solid, mostly inorganic component (clay) and a liquid component (thermal water). Ph is alcaline and has an extremely low cooling index (only after one hour of exposure to room temperature it loses 10% of its initial temperature).br> Mud is kept steeping in the Grocco crater for approximately one year before being used; this crater is where numerous salt-sulphate-alkali spring waters flow. Such spring waters have a strong salt concentration, are rich in hydrogen sulphide and have an average temperature of 34°C.
The small springs thus continuously mix the deposited mud and soak it with their salt components. Indications: arthrosis and extra-articular rheumathism in their chronic phases (tendinitis, bursitis, fibro-myalgia)
Temperature is 47°C
After the mud treatment, a bath treatment follows with our Leopoldina water

Contraindications :
-persons well on in years
-very high arterial pressure
-coronary lesions
-previous heart attack
-hyperazotemic nephropathy

Relative contraindications: valvular cardiopathy hemodynamics balance

On applying mud, the local and distant skin temperature increases and oscillates between 0.5 and 3°C.
The increase of temperature induces a muscle relaxant and analgesic action.

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Mud treatment with therapeutic bath and rest
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