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The ways of water

Wellness and relax
Holistic Thermal Programs

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Thermal Day SPA

DAY SPA at Terme Redi
Thermal aquarelax:
Pool + Massage

Thermal Day SPA

Thermal aquarelax

Our Treatments

Montecatini Thermal Baths have a full range of thermal treatments that are the natural solution for prevention, rehabilitation and to treat important conditions.

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Wedding Destination

The style, history
and architecture
of thermal venues

A unique atmosphere
and a timeless style.


Destination Wedding
Terme di Montecatini bassa (106)
New anti-cellulite and thermal holistic relaxation packages
Idromassaggio ozono cura per stress
HEALING WATERS of Montecatini: Let's fight the Stress!
shine sommario
Shine & Shine plus

MONTECATINI IN FIGURES The figures that have made Montecatini great Thermal Baths


Hot Springs

The most effective hot mineral waters in Europe are Rinfresco, Leopoldine, Regina and Tettuccio.



Magnificent Art Nouveau or neo-Gothic buildings arranged around the huge Thermal park.


Kinds of treatments

The waters have a healing action when you drink them, though they are also available in a number of other ways at Montecatini Thermal Baths.




A long-standing history

Cited since 1417 in the Tractatus de balneis by Ugolino da Montecatini.


Square metres of Thermal Park.

The town's green lung and starting point to get to all the thermal resorts.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a day at the Thermal Baths cost?

There are various options that can be mixed and matched: a simple visit as a tourist, the Excelsior Spa or Redi Thermal Pool

How can I book a thermal treatment?

Call our information desk at 0572 7781 info@termemontecatini.it

If I have a prescription from my GP,
do I still need a visit from the Thermal Baths' doctor?

A visit by the Thermal Baths' doctor is mandatory for all therapeutic treatments
(the cost of the visit is included in the treatments paid by Italy's national health service)

Do you have all-inclusive solutions (Thermal Baths + accommodation)?

Back to the landing page packages + hotel tour operators

What's the best time to come to Montecatini Thermal Baths?

We are open and you can benefit from our treatments all year round, though some resorts such as the Tettuccio have a seasonal opening, so from May to September is certainly the best time

Can I buy a single ticket for all the resorts?

no, you can't What is your cancellation notice if I book online? 48 hours

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