Balneotherapy - A bath in a personal pool

Focus on Balneotherapy

A full treatment cycle, which is recognised by SSN, consists of 12 treatments.
It is good to have a one or two-day rest during the two-week treatment.
This takes place in a hot bath at an adjustable temperature (usually 38° C). 
Duration is approximately 15-20 minutes followed by a period of rest before the therapeutic massage.


Leopoldina and Rinfresco water is used and is beneficial against chronic rheumatic diseases, such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and extra-articular rheumatism.


Ozonised air is bubbled under pressure in the thermal water of the bath. The water is enriched with pure O3, O2 and O.
The Ozone molecules decompose continuously with the production of energy and pure O, which is responsible for the therapeutic action.
The Ozone dissolved in water diffuses through the surface layers of the skin, which dilates the capillaries, venous constriction, and increases the speed of the peripheral circulation, relative improvement of cell tropism, anti-edemigenous action.


Tropism and circulatory problems can be caused by cellulite.
Hydromassage with hypertonic Leopoldina water enables a micro dermal-epidermal massage with release of vasoactive and vasodilation substances.
It results in restoration of normal venous return to the heart and a reduction in the peripheral edema in the legs.

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Good for:

Circulatory and Vascular system
Skeleton, muscles and joints
Skin Conditions

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Effects of Balneotherapy

Balneotherapy induces muscular relaxation and improvement of skin tropism.

Thermal Products Used

Leopoldine Water