Cosmetics Range - Montecatini Aquathermal Complex®

Cosmetics Range

The strong suit of the “Montecatini Thermal Baths” cosmetics range is an exclusive patented system, Montecatini Aquathermal Complex®, stemming from the combination of the four thermal waters: Tettuccio, Regina, Leopoldina and Rinfresco.
Within this complex, the waters act together to provide the skin with valuable moisturising, purifying and rebalancing substances.
The thermal treatments of Montecatini's prestigious SPA have been finally encapsulated in a line of products resulting from cutting-edge research on cosmetics.
Innovative formulas that combine the benefits of thermal waters with natural ingredients from the Tuscan countryside, rich in valuable substances for your skin's beauty.
Rituals to regenerate the body and mind that allow you to recreate at home the atmosphere and effectiveness of thermal treatments.

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The cosmetic labs of Montecatini Thermal Baths seek and select the most effective plants and natural ingredients across the whole of Italy for your skin's beauty. Thanks to sophisticated processing methods, they extract concentrated vegetable extracts rich in functional substances found, pure and intact, in the cosmetic products.
- Nourishing olive oil
- Antioxidant Grape Seeds
- Purifying Thermal Algae
- Exfoliant marine salts
- Hydrating mallow
- Regenerating Olive Stones and Poppy seeds
- Toning Chestnut Extract
- Rebalancing oligoelements