HEALING WATERS of Montecatini: Let's fight the Stress!

HEALING WATERS of Montecatini: Let's fight the Stress!

HEALING WATERS of Montecatini: Let's fight the Stress!

Stress is a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation: most of the times it’s caused by an individual lack of control capacity within diverse situations.
Our body and mind tend to answer in many ways to a stress status, but most of the times the price to pay for adapting to the circumstances which have generated such a status turns out to be anxiety, or even depression. It would be a great mistake to think of being anyway able to solve such problems without anyone’s help, or without specific aiding activities and tools, such as a psychological help, or specific medicines: and this is how the Natural Springs (healing waters) of Montecatini Terme would determine an improvement in mental and physical wellbeing. It is scientifically proved that water-therapy with the healing waters of Montecatini Terme has anti-depressive proprieties, since these waters help in releasing serotonin, a neurotransmitter directly linked with a general wellbeing feeling.
The therapeutic strategy of Terme di Montecatini SPA is based on three major elements:
The healing waters; The traditional olistic and indian massages; Meditation and breathing techniques
The Water therapy includes waters to drink and to bath into, while the olistic therapy approach adds the ayurvedic tradition of physical balance to the general approach, such as Shiroabhyangam (head and neck treatment) and others, aiming to help body and mind to get to an aequilibrium. Reiki and other breathing techniques, combined in this peculiar approach, contribute to give more tools to face deep anxiety or stress moments when back home, in regular working life, acquiring the ability to get rid of them as much as possible, even in everyday’s life.
A brief and natural journey towards self consciousness, just taking advantage of natural elements such as the healing Waters, combined with the old and charming huge Liberty parks, with plants and flowers from all over the world, and with Tuscan Mediterranean diet, featuring healthy and nutritive elements such as extra-virgin olive oil, vegetables and cereals. That is why Montecatini Terme is a candidate for World Heritage UNESCO, together with the other historical Great Spas of Europe.

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Terme di Montecatini Waters Leopoldina and Rinfresco

3 Days

Nervous System: anxiety, depression, insomnia, post-traumatic stress, chronic fatigue Musculoskeletal apparatus: cephalalgia, nuchal cephalalgia, myalgia
Price: € 390,00
Medical thermal consultation
Water drinking therapy according to the medical consultation
1 Thermal ozonized bath (20 min.)
2 Fomentations in thermal sauna (20 min. each)
1 Ayurvedic massage, head, neck and shoulders (30 min.)
1 Feet ayurvedic massage (30 min.)
1 Reiki Treatment (30 min.)
1 Session of breathing relaxation technique (25 min.)
2 Yoga individual sessions (50 min. each)

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