The Territory

Valdinievole is the area where Montecatini Terme and its thermal resorts are located, including a few small but important art cities such as Pescia and Monsummano Terme. It forms a small but significant part of the Province of Pistoia.

The Valdinievole district is located in Tuscany, halfway between Florence and the Versilia coast. The main advantage of its geographical location is that it is central and close to all the most famous Tuscan art cities.

In fact, it is located just a few kilometres from Florence, Pisa and Lucca, but also from Volterra and San Gimignano and the beaches of Viareggio, the town where the most famous Carnival in Italy is held.

The Montecatini health resort is perfectly connected with all the major Tuscan cities by car, using the motorway, as well as public transport (plane, train and bus).

Shopping and Entertainment

One of the main characteristics of Montecatini Thermal Baths is that the thermal treatments are only the beginning of well-being and pleasure.

Montecatini Terme is also famous for its luxury shopping and entertainment. This section provides you with all the main entertainment options in Montecatini Thermal Baths, from the shopping district to the most popular nightlife locations.

Most shops in Montecatini are located in the heart of the Historical Centre: a large pedestrian area that includes the main street (Via Roma and Viale Matteotti) and the promenade of Viale Verdi, which starts from the Tettuccio complex, reaches the thermal pine forest and then he passes in front of the Town Hall. The main street and Viale Verdi then reach Piazza del Popolo, the main square of Montecatini and the hub of the Historical Centre.

The main attraction consists of the clothes shops, where high fashion brands can be found. Montecatini hosts the “Fashion Week” in April, which is a special event dedicated to the latest trends in which leading Italian designers participate.

Like all cosmopolitan cities, and in addition to the luxurious shops, Montecatini also caters for all budgets, including the permanent market at the Stabilimento la Salute, which is most famous for leather items, clothing and household goods.

Nightlife In Montecatini And Valdinievole

The things you cannot miss when visiting the Montecatini Thermal Baths include:

  • An aperitif in the shade of the neoclassical porch of Gambrinus
  • Enjoy a cocktail while overlooking the Fortress of Montecatini Alto
  • Dine on the Colline Lucchesi (hills of Lucca) with a night-time panorama overlooking Valdinievole

Party on the dance floor in one of the trendy nightclubs of Montecatini There’s no shortage of entertainment in Montecatini: in addition to restaurants and artisan ice-cream parlours there are dozens of lounge-bars, pubs and nightclubs. Or if you prefer, you can enjoy an evening walk in the lively historical centre, which has been a pedestrian- zone for a few years now.

Montecatini Thermal Baths organise events and shows throughout the year within the complexes.

Enogastronomic Paths

Valdinievole oil road

In Valdinievole, an excellent extra virgin olive oil is produced. The hills that surround Montecatini Terme are in fact always covered by thousands of olive trees, from which this exquisite condiment is obtained thanks to the goodness of the soil and the excellent exposure to sunlight of the hill slopes.

The Valdinievole Oil Road is located in the Municipality of Uzzano, but the small member producers can also be found in the nearby Municipalities of Massa and Cozzile and Pescia.

Montalbano wine and oil road

Wine and oil are both typical traditional products of the eastern part of the Valdinievole, where the Montalbano  mountain massif is located between the provinces of Pistoia and Prato. Vineyards and olive groves are the dominant elements of the landscape offered by Montalbano, and it is thanks to this long tradition of production that the wines and oil produced in the area are very famous throughout Tuscany.

The best wines of Montalbano are those produced near the city of Carmignano, especially in the area where the famous Medici villa of Artimino is located. Even extra virgin olive oil is equally prized, as the recognition of Typical Geographical Indication demonstrates.

Wine Road of the ‘Colline Lucchesi’ (Lucchesi Hills)

The ‘Colline Lucchesi’ are famous for the vineyards that cover them, from which a highly appreciated wine is obtained. In particular, red wine, produced by a large number of small winemakers joining a single consortium, has great importance.

The best wine of the ‘Colline Lucchesi’ is produced in small towns such as Gragnano and Matraia, but the capital of the wine absolutely is Montecarlo, the fortified village, whose walls are celebrated every year, during the harvest, through the traditional festival in which the so-called ‘vino novello’ (the young wine just produced with the grapes of the last harvest) is uncorked.