Lungs and airways

With Montecatini’s thermal water you can treat most conditions affecting the upper (nose, ear, pharynx, larynx) and lower (trachea, bronchi and lungs) airways.

The most frequent conditions affecting airways among the ones treated at Montecatini Thermal Baths are chronic rhinitis, rhinogenous deafness, chronic pharyngitis, chronic bronchitis.

Conditions treated include allergic rhinitis, rhino-sinusitis, rhinogenous deafness, laryngitis, pharyngitis, asthma, bronchitis, pleurisy, pulmonary emphysema, pneumonia, tonsillar hypertrophy, tracheitis, otitis.

These conditions are treated at Montecatini Thermal Baths with an inhalatory treatment.

Inhaling the thermal water available at the Leopoldina resort in the form of inhalations, aerosols, nebulisations, nasal washes and tube-tympanic insufflation produces in the patient’s body the effects of a mechanical cleansing of the upper airways and a stimulation of the immune system (secretory IgA) that provides for greater resistance to aggression of bacteria and viruses, and at the same time acts as a therapeutic activity