The complete treatment cycle, recognized by the NHS, includes 12 treatments.

It is convenient to have a break of one or two days during the two weeks of treatment.

The bath is carried out in the bath, at an adjustable temperature (generally 38 ° C).

The duration is about 15-20 minutes followed by a period of rest, before any therapeutic massage.


Leopoldina water and Rinfresco water are used. The thermal bath is used  in chronic arthoreumatic diseases, such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and extra- articular rheumatism.


Ozonated air is bubbled under pressure in the thermal water of a tank. The water is enriched with O3, O2 and O in its pure state.

The ozone molecules continuously break down with the production of energy and of pure O to which the therapeutic action belongs.

The ozone dissolved in water spreads through the superficial layers of the skin leading to capillary dilatation, venous constriction, increase in peripheral circulation speed, relative improvement of cellular trophism, anti-edema action.


Trophic and circulatory disorders can trigger cellulite.

Hydromassage with Leopoldina hypertonic water allows a dermo-epidermal micromassage with the release of vasoactive substances and vasodilation.

It follows the restoration of the normal venous return to the heart, the reduction of peripheral edemas to the lower limbs and a tonic effect on skin and muscular masses.