Individual functional re-education in the thermal pool

The therapeutic exercise in water is based upon three principles:

  1. hydrostatic effect: for which a body immersed in water undergoes a thrust from the bottom up which allows it to stay afloat. The more higher is the thrust, the more the water is rich in
  2. hydrodynamic effect: represented by the resistance of the medium liquid that contrasts the movements, configuring therapeutic
  3. hydrothermal effect: provoked by the temperature of the water that induces muscle relaxation which determines algo-sedative action, making the patient’s motor activity

Individual neuromotor re-education in the gym

Individual neuromotor rehabilitation consists of active and passive gymnastic techniques (with intervention of the therapist) with particular regard to the recovery of incorrect postures and re-education of normal walking.

Postural analysis

Postural changes represent a problem that involves more and more people triggering long-term problems. It is therefore essential to know one’s posture and any corrections to be made both in the therapeutic and preventive fields.

Osteopathic treatment analysis

Osteopathic treatment aims at restoring the altered physiological balance by relieving problems such as low back pain, neck pain, knee pain, foot  pain,  shoulder pain and annoying headaches.

Postural Paths

After the postural analysis that highlights the problems of the body, a personalized form is drawn up, which is explained and tested during postural rescheduling sessions. The paths include the thermal pool, taking advantage of the natural muscle relaxant effect of the thermal waters.

Growth path

Postural analysis for the child and for children in developmental age with postural gymnastic sessions for a harmonious growth of the body.